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Honeymoon in Asia


Asia Honeymoon Tour Package

A trip to somewhere exotic, romantic, remote... to spend your time getting to know each other better and making plans for a lifetime.

We'd like to make this holiday really special for you - filled with all the memories and happiness that every newly-wed deserves. That is why we are not going to suggest a regular holiday package for you at all - we'd like you to tell us what you would like - give us an idea of where you would like to go - what interests you and your spouse most and we will try to create a special itinerary based on your likes, your interests.

... A lazy time spent on the beach, some rejuvenation and relaxation, a trip to see historical monuments, a houseboat cruise in Kerala, diving, trekking, adventure, motorbikes... everyone has different interests and we'd like to help in designing your Honeymoon doing what you like. If you would like to visit areas in Asia like India, Maldives, Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan we will be happy to present you with itineraries and ideas for these locations.

Write to us here and we will contact you to discuss more. Please give us as much information in your request as possible.

Honeymoon in Asia

 Here we have put together some ideas and information for your honeymoon in Asia - you can opt for any one or a combination - destinations that would give you the opportunity to spend time with each other and at the same time enjoy what you like most...

Beach Resorts - Resorts and Hotels on or near the beach - the ideal place to relax and spend a week, fortnight or more to just chill out and get a nice tan to the envy of everyone back home. Whether you want to go to The Maldives, Phuket, Langkawi, Penang or some of the beautiful beaches in India we will be happy to give you more information.

Yoga, Meditation and Rejuvenation - In Kerala, God's own country, a range of fascinating experiences await your mind, body and soul. If you would like to combine your beach holiday with Rejuvenation and Body purification programme we will be happy to suggest the programmes for you. Refresh, reactivate and regenerate - to rejuvenate mind and body, tone up skin, strengthen all systems so as to achieve ideal health and longevity under the guidance of trained specialists and doctors.

Houseboat cruise - Take a cruise on the backwaters of Kerala - The cruise at a leisurely, relaxing pace takes you through quaint villages on the banks of the numerous canals and rivers criss-crossing this area. The ideal way to get away from it all - a world of your own in fully furnished boats which offer you a once in a lifetime experience to view the life and culture of Kuttanad, the Rice Bowl of Kerala.

Heritage Properties and Exotic Resorts - India - the land of Maharajas and tales of chivalry, valour and tradition. A rich cultural heritage that we want to share with visitors to our country. Stay in some of the forts and mansions, re live moments from history and enjoy a touch of royalty at The Ahilya Fort Maheshwar, The Lake PalaceUdaipur, Various resorts in Jaipur, Jodhpur and other parts of Rajasthan.

Wildlife and Nature - The Indian sub continent provides fascinating variations in habitats and sustains over 350 species of Mammals 2,100 kinds of birds, local & migratory, nearly 350 species of reptile & countless insects. For those of you who would like to spend time stalking the tiger, visiting baby elephants or watching birds we can offer visits to wildlife sanctuaries and reservoirs in India & Nepal in accommodation ranging from luxury tents to campsites to forest lodges.

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